Current Sermon Series

Jan 13 – Mar 24, 2019

In John 10:10, in a context in which Jesus speaks of His sheep hearing His voice only, and where He says that the Good Shepherd knows each of His sheep by name, and where He is the Gate for the sheep that allows them to go in and out and to find pasture, He also speaks of the abundant life. It is closeness to, connecting with, and oneness with the Shepherd who is also the Gate that makes for the abundant life of which Jesus speaks. Nothing else will do it.

We can try to find abundant life through various ways and means, but these will not measure up to the fullness of life found in Connecting With God, specifically through Christ and His Spirit.  Our current sermon and Life Group series Connecting With God offers insights into the closeness with God offered to followers of Christ who draw near to Him.  This life, one lived close to the heart of God, is the singular place at which truly satisfying, full human life can be found.

Will you draw near, Connecting With God?


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